Leather and Earth Co

Getting you the perfect journal is very important to me. Starting with premium thick leather, great paper, and a handmade button to finish these journals will not disappoint anyone.

The journal making process...
~Step one~ Get some leather
It all starts with choosing the perfect pieces of leather. Then cutting each journal out in a way that highlights its natural beauty. The leather is very thick, and it comes completely natural.

~Step two~ Dye the leather
Each piece of leather takes dye a little differently. Due to its natural texture there will be dark and light areas. A secret blend of dyes are used in an even more secret process to achieve a rustic marbled effect. The edges are coated with dye as well, but the inside is left all natural. This is done for 2 reasons, A. The natural interior is just beautiful, and B. That awesome leather smell that everyone wants when they open a journal is always there.

~Step three~ Make the buttons
The buttons are very special. Not only do they make your journal a work of art and add a little color, they are also functional (most of them) because the leather strap closure fits nicely behind them. The buttons start with local white clay and are molded individually. The fun part is there's so many fun designs as well as new ones coming out all the time. These buttons are mostly nature inspired. The use of leaves and old barn wood to make impressions is just beautiful on the leather.

~Step four~ The paper
Each journal is filled with 90 pound acid free mixed media paper. The paper is hand torn into the page sizes giving he pages a deckled finish. The search for the perfect paper was a long one, but after testing this paper over and over, it is the best paper for journaling. It's thick enough and made with strong fibers so it takes ink and watercolors beautifully. It's smoother than watercolor paper so sketches, and writing, especially calligraphy are beautiful on the pages of these books. It also loves glue, which might be an afterthought, but many journalers love to glue in their journals as much as paint and write, and some paper glue just doesn't stick too. Well this paper is an all around perfect journaling paper.

~Step five~ Make the journal
Each journal is hand sewn together using the long stitch binding method, or a similiar variation. Finally a hand cut strap and a hand made button finish the journal.

Before it goes to you, the journal is placed in a cellophane bag, wrapped in tissue paper, and placed in the mail. And the journals get shipped fast:)