A little bit about Leather And Earth Co

Hi!  I'm Laura the owner of Leather and Earth Co.  I love journaling, and used to be on the hunt for the Perfect Leather Journal, until I started making them.   

As all makers stories go... anyone who saw my journal wanted one and so forth and so on.  Here's why:

The Leather used is soft milled full grain vegetable tanned leather.  It retains the natural textures of the skin because it's tanned naturally with tree bark.  It's very thick more than 2 and a half mm.  Each sheet of leather is hand selected to make the perfect cover, and they dye with eco friendly dyes.   

Then there's the paper!  After a difficult search I found some thick 90 lb archival mixed media paper.  The perfect paper for every type of journaling, you can even paint on it.  But I do offer some premium watercolor paper for the painters.  All the types of pages I offer I have printed on the mixed media paper.  That way it thick enough for ink too.  

The journals are either hand bind the books, or make them refillable with not one but 3 elastic cords to slide papers and other Items in and out easily.  

Then because I love the look of fire branding the classic way to customize leather, I fire brand names, initials, dates, and more onto journals.  I'll even print and bind in a dedicated title page.  

I make clay buttons for the journals as well, they add a beautiful touch, and are unique one of a kind pieces made one by one.